How to Choose a Bridal Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day?

 One of the comments that brides tell me who are first looking around for a wedding makeup artist is “I’ve never done this before, so I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do.” This is absolutely true! Most brides have not thought of planning the details of a wedding and many have not hired an expert makeup artist. It is a daunting and confusing process!

This article is written by me to share my experience as an insider in the business, in order to guide all interested brides-to-be through the process of finding BOSTON MAKEUP ARTIST as simple and pain-free as it can be.

How do I find makeup artists in my area?

First, locate the artists that are in your area and make lists of artists that you’d like to look at. The recommendations from your venue, wedding coordinator or photographer are worth the weight in gold.

They plan weddings every day and have collaborated with hundreds of other vendors and know who’s reliable. Many wedding planners and venues have an “Recommended Vendor List” that they will gladly give to their brides who have booked their weddings.

Photographers are happy to make suggestions for reliable skilled makeup artists because the great ones make their work simpler! (Less time in Photoshop and editing? Oh , yes!) Friends who are recently married could also be a source of recommendations.

You can ask them which makeup artist they have used and if they would use them in the future. Of course, the internet has made this a more simple task than it was in the past. A simple internet search for “makeup artists in (insert town here)” will result in several options.

You’ve now got a few possibilities artists that you have chosen…

How do I choose the right makeup artist for me?

There are five key elements to look for in making this choice.

  1. A reliable bridal makeup artist have a professional site that displays photographs from their portfolios. Beware of websites that utilize photos from stock or that are overly edited photographs.

 Keep in mind that a site that looks sloppy can be an indication of a taste that is sour and probably bad taste in makeup. Portfolios on the internet should showcase an array of styles, from barely there natural makeup, to more striking evening gowns.

If just one makeup look appears showcased on their website, the chances are good that they have only one look they’re capable of create, and it’s the look that you and the rest of your wedding party are likely to wear.

  1. Style

   Do the makeup displayed by the makeup artist’s website reflect the type of makeup you’re seeking? If you’re into romance makeup looks paired with dewy skin, steer clear of artists who favor the heavier contour, Instagram-type look. In the reverse case, if you like the more intense Kim Kardashian makeup look, then the artists who display the more natural makeup looks aren’t going to be the ideal option for you.

  1. Reviews 

 There are many sites online for consumers to write and read reviews. Make use of them! To find wedding vendors, websites like The Knot, WeddingWire and Yelp are excellent sources. Look through reviews for each makeup artist. reviews of every makeup artist you are considering But keep a few points in your mind.

It’s becoming easy for companies to false reviews to themselves. If you look through reviews and find a plethora of 5-star reviews in just two days, that company may have has paid people to write those reviews to them. This usually happens to counteract negative reviews which can boost the overall rating.

I would suggest looking through the company’s reviews in order of “lowest rating” whenever possible. It’s also normal for a company to get one or two less than 5-star reviews. Everyone is unique and people like different things.

 stars below value could indicate that the customer didn’t appreciate their incredible $100 makeup application in the same way as they did their $2,000 pairs of Jimmy Choo footwear. Additionally, sometimes negative reviews could be posted in the form of retribution if a customer is unsatisfied about not getting their way with some aspect of.

 I would not be concerned over one or two less than perfect reviews however if you notice an overwhelming amount of them, it ought to be a cause for concern.

  4. The Personality of the Artist and their Connection

One thing that many people do not place much importance on is the persona of an makeup artist and the personal relationship you feel with them. They’re makeup abilities are incredible? Fantastic! Your personality isn’t so shiny?

 It’s much more important than you think. You’ll spend hours on the phone with the artist during one very important occasions of your life. You’ll like them and want to keep them in your life. If it’s via emails, via phone and in person make certain that the makeup artist is a pleasure to be around! Previous reviews can be helpful for this.

 You should look for words like “I felt like I’ve known her forever!” and “she was so soothing and calming during such a stressful time”. Certain people have a natural “people” people. These are the people you’ll need to hire.

  1. Price

 is something I need to highlight, since it’s an important factor that determines the final outcome for numerous brides.

It is important to select the makeup artist who fits into your wedding budget, but bear in your mind that in this area you really get the value you spend for.

Makeup artists who are at the top of the spectrum have a reason that is: they employ top-quality products, they’ve had specific training, they adhere to good hygiene (all the disposables and cleaning products can be costly!)

Additionally, they possess the experience and skills that lower priced artists typically don’t have. If you want that perfect wedding look you’ve imagined and stunning wedding photos pick an artist who is at the top of your budget.